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Friends of Springboard

Friends of Springboard is a way for those who have achieved success in their own careers to give back to those who need it most, in the form of an annual or monthly donation to The Springboard Charity.

For just £20 a month, or an upfront annual payment of £200 you can become a Friend of Springboard - your generous donations will help people across the UK who need a chance to improve their lives. 

We will match you to a beneficiary and you will receive updates from them as they progress in their career, thanks to your generous support.

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Your donation will help someone like Joe...

Joe Hurrell min

Due to immense personal difficulties, Joe had found it difficult to find work. After 18 months of searching, he discovered The Springboard Charity, who offered him the support, guidance and education he needed to start his career. 

“I knew I needed to sort myself out – but there was no help or support for me. I was so excited to find out about the support Springboard provides, through the Hospitality Futures programme”, said Joe. 

Although the programme teaches the learners the practical skills and knowledge they need to excel in hospitality, Joe believes that Hospitality Futures provides more than that. “I learned to be confident and to believe in myself. Customer service is really important in hospitality, as is a positive personality – which, thanks to this training, I was able to fully understand and develop.”

Joe’s currently flourishing in all aspects of his personal and professional life, and has become a big supporter of The Springboard Charity. He has even spoken about his personal journey in front of hundreds of industry professionals at the charity’s events like ‘The Big Event’ and ‘Christmas Carols’, and starring on the West End stage at the Hospitality Industry’s Pantomine Aladdin.

There are no ends to his ambition, or his positive attitude, as he works his way up career ladder from his current role at Red Carnation Hotels.

As well as helping to support people like Joe, you will also receive;

Recognition on our website, annual reports and event brochures
A stylish pin badge
Our annual newsletter
Regular updates letting you know the impact of your generous donations
A Friends of Springboard logo for personal emails, social media and other digital media

How donations are used:

Your money goes directly to helping us increase the impact of Springboard’s Into Work Programmes across the UK, which currently help over 1,000 people every year gain new personal and career skills and connect with hospitality employers for real-life work experience.

For example:
- An annual donation of just £200 will facilitate a two-week work experience placement. A monthly donation of £20 will provide invaluable mentoring with an industry manager for 2 months.
- Annual donations from every 10 Friends of Springboard will enable one unemployed or underprivileged person to be taken through an entire programme.

How to donate:

Simply complete the pledge form below and pay via bank transfer or standing order. Once you’ve filled in the form, you’ll be sent the payment instructions needed for your bank.Simply complete the pledge form below and pay via bank transfer or standing order. Once you’ve filled in the form, you’ll be sent the payment instructions needed for your bank.

If you have any questions please contact Jane Murtagh, Head of Corporate Fundraising and Events at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.