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Like what we do? Then why not adopt Springboard as your charity to help raise vital funds and public awareness for our cause. A number of organisations and individuals are already committed to us in this way and their continued support is essential for us to carry on the work that we do.

As an Organisation

There are many ways to raise funds and adopt Springboard as your charity. We are always keen to hear new and exciting ideas but here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Make Springboard the beneficiary charity of your event
  • Add £1 on a bill during a set time
  • Donate a % of a dish to Springboard throughout the year
  • Have charity collection tins in your establishment
  • Set a fundraising challenge throughout your organisation

Meet some of the companies adopting Springboard as their charity and find out more


As an Individual

We continue to be amazed by the fantastic ways our supporters have fundraised for Springboard. Here are some ideas to suit every type of fundraiser:

  • Take part in a sporting event
  • Push yourself with a personal challenge
  • Hold a fundraising event such as a quiz or karaoke night
  • Take part in an event on our calendar

Springboard's Events Team is here to help you. Please get in touch and let us know what you are doing. We would be more than happy to shout about your amazing efforts and provide you with ideas and materials.

To capture online donations we strongly suggest you sign up to MyDonate to help you generate online funds.

Get in touch to find out more


Thank you to everyone who is already fundraising for us!

The following people are already working hard to raise funds for Springboard. You can support both them and us by sponsoring or getting involved.

Peach Pubs

Peach Pubs are aiming to raise £130,000 for both the Herds for Change project in Kenya and The Springboard Charity.

Philippe Rossiter

To mark his 70th birthday this year, Philippe is running in the Paris and London marathons, and also making his way on foot from one capital to the other between the two events.

Springboard's Ultra Challenge

ONE TARGET OF £100,000

Test your limits - take on the challenge!

Stephen Welch

Stephen Welch has set his sights set on climbing Aconcagua in Argentina - the World’s highest summit outside the Himalayas to raise funds for Springboard.