Philippe Rossiter

About Phillipe

To mark my 70th birthday this year, I shall be running in the Paris and London marathons; oh, and also making my way on foot from one capital to the other between the two events. The main reason for undertaking this challenge is for my own pleasure(!), and to recognise my French and British origins.

Another excellent reason for undertaking this challenge is to raise money for Hospitality Action and Springboard, our two key industry charities.

Unlike celebrities such as Ranulph Fiennes and Eddie Izzard who have tackled far longer distance challenges, I shall be undertaking this jog entirely on my own without any followers or back-up; save for Pauline who, I am hoping, will appear at the roadside from time to time with words of encouragement and a hug (assuming I am not too disgustingly sweaty).

The distance between Paris and London is 160 miles taken via Dieppe, and, no, I am not swimming across the Channel!

Event date

09 April 2017 09:00 - 23 April 2017 14:00

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