Life Patrons

Our growing list of Life Patrons includes high profile industry leaders, who know how tough the road to success can be, and who are looking to offer those less fortunate the opportunity to flourish. 

Making a personal donation will ensure ongoing support for young people and safeguard the future of the hospitality, leisure and tourism Industry. 

In return You will:

  • Gain recognition as a Life Patron on Springboard’s website and marketing
  • Receive annual updates on our achievements
  • Receive an invitation to our exclusive annual Patrons Dinner
  • Have the satisfaction of “Giving something back”

Your contributions are invested directly in Springboard’s Youth Programmes helping us to continue offering free guidance, training and experience.

Springboard deserves the help of those of us who have done extremely well out of our careers in the industry. By being a Life Patron, we make a valuable and tangible contribution and help Springboard continue their unstinting work helping young and underprivileged people. I am proud of my association, it is so rewarding to see young people achieve and there has never been a more important time to support young people – after all, they are our industry’s future.

John Brackenbury CBE, Springboard Trustee and Life Patron

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Our Life Patrons 

  • Paul Ainsworth
  • Nigel Anker
  • Surinder Arora
  • William Baxter CBE
  • Abraham Bejerano
  • John Brackenbury CBE
  • Michael Cannon
  • Bob Cotton OBE
  • David Coubrough
  • Roland Fasel
  • Howard Field
  • Sir Rocco Forte
  • Silvano Giraldin
  • Neil Goulden
  • Ian Graham
  • Dennis Guise
  • Andrew Guy
  • Harry Murray MBE
  • Michael Hirst OBE
  • Rick Holroyd
  • Hannah Horler
  • James Horler
  • Nick Howe
  • Amanda Hyndman
  • Adam Kaye
  • Andy Kemp
  • Luke Johnson
  • Simon Lester
  • David Levin
  • Sir Francis Mackay
  • Noel Mahony
  • Derek Mapp
  • Ranjit Mathrani
  • Namita Panjabi
  • Anton Mosimann OBE
  • David Noble
  • Sir Ian Prosser
  • Michel Roux Jnr
  • David Rugg
  • Nick Scade MBE
  • Richard Shepherd CBE
  • Mike Smith
  • Alastair Storey
  • Jane Sunley
  • Tevin Tobun
  • Bob Walton MBE
  • David Wilkinson
  • Keith Wilson
  • Dr Edward O Wojakovski MBPF
  • Paul Turner