Our Restaurant

The Our Restaurant programme offers a group of up to twelve young people, who have been identified as not being ready for any mainstream opportunity, a hospitality & catering activity that would provide an appealing objective that they could 'buy into' which would provide self–development progression, yet be flexible enough to allow participants to undertake all, or any part of, the programme.


The programme was designed to run from 10am – 3pm, two consecutive days per week for eight weeks, utilising industry venues, with the ultimate goal that the young people participating would have designed their own restaurant through:

  • Choosing a food and service style
  • Choosing a preferred location
  • Designing a menu
  • Designing staff uniform
  • Identifying the key components of a staff training programme
  • Choosing an appropriate name for their restaurant
  • Preparing an example display of a themed restaurant table

Through the programme participants would improve their confidence and self-esteem with the following skills being acquired:

  • Teamwork
  • Working to deadlines
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Presentation

Participants would also gain the World Host qualification in customer care.

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