Springboard ‘GEMS’

Springboard GEMS 

Supporting students into the hospitality industry since 2009

The GEMS programme is working together with 26 universities across the country either through mentoring undergraduate students, speaking at universities to promote working in the sector or showcasing industry placement years.

It was set up after research by the Savoy Society showed that 40% of students studying hospitality left the industry after graduating. Through our work, we find that students are predominantly unaware of the scope of the industry and that Universities are often ill-equipped to provide robust careers advice. 

Could you make the difference to a student's perceptions and career prospects?

Get involved:

GEMS Logo On Whitegems bulletpoint Become a mentor of an undergraduate student
gems bulletpoint Share your expertise by speaking in Universities 
gems bulletpoint Inspire students with placements at your organisation


What do our Mentors say?

“Mentoring with the Springboard GEMS programme has been an extremely rewarding experience on both a personal and professional level. Over the past two years, I’ve seen my mentee grow and develop their skills, knowledge and confidence helping them to transition from University into the workplace.”

Alex Taylor, Learning and Development Manager, Harrison Catering Services Ltd

“I find it extremely rewarding to help them and it is even better to feel that I am challenged in my ways and thought process. It is a very enriching experience.”

Stephanie Timsit, Director of Finance, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

What is Expected of Mentors?

gems bulletpoint Mentors must have 5+ years of industry management experience
gems bulletpoint A commitment to meet with mentees every quarter, plus regular contact in between
gems bulletpoint Mentors must have the passion and desire to become a key influencer for the next generation

How Does it Work for Mentors?

gems bulletpoint Register your interest by filling in the short form
gems bulletpoint A member of staff from Springboard will call you to find out more about your personality and experiences in the hospitality industry- no longer than a ten-minute call
gems bulletpoint Receive mentor training from Springboard
gems bulletpoint Attend a matching day where you will meet prospective mentees and pick your favourites
gems bulletpoint Springboard match you with a mentee.
gems bulletpoint Meet your mentee once a quarter, maintaining regular contact in between.

gems bulletpoint Should you require any help throughout the mentoring process, springboard are always happy to help

If you have any questions please call the Springboard head office or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.